As part of your assessment process, you will be asked to complete the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST). This 60-minute multiple choice test provides an opportunity for you to show us your problem-solving skills and abilities in a different way to interviews. At the same time it helps us develop a more comprehensive appreciation of your talents. We have used it successfully in the past to find the people that will do well at our firm.

The PST was developed specifically for candidates interested in the type of work McKinsey does. It uses business scenarios, based on real McKinsey client cases, to help us learn about your ability to think through the types of business problems McKinsey consultants face. As such, this exercise will also provide you with a better idea of what our consultants do. The test was designed so that no business background is required or expected. You do not need to bring anything with you for the test, and calculators, laptops, or dictionaries are not permitted.

To familiarize you with the test format, we have developed a practice test with detailed analyses of the answers. You may also find the coaching guide helpful as you work through the practice test.