McKinsey offers opportunities to fresh graduates, advanced professional degree holders (Ph.D., medical, law), MBA graduates and experienced professionals. No matter what your background is, you can start as a generalist, working across a broad range of industries and functions to develop knowledge and build skills. Or you can build specific expertise within a practice.

You can apply at any time of year for the position of Business Analyst Intern, Business Analyst, Junior Associate, or Associate. From there, you can grow to become an Engagement Manager, Associate Principal, and eventually a Partner.

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Business Analyst

You can join as a Business Analyst soon after finishing your undergraduate or master's degree. This position is also open for individuals who are not long in their first graduate position and are seeking an opportunity to switch tracks early in their career.

Business Analyst is a full consultant position. This means that you'll get to do everything that other consultants do – meet and interview clients, run analyses, participate in problem solving with the team, draft documents and present the team's findings to the client. You'll also enjoy the help of our support staff with searching for information or creating documents. Even as a Business Analyst, you're here to think and to work with people, not to carry out basic tasks.

We expect all successful BAs to be promoted for Junior Associate position after 2 years with us. After promotion to Junior Associate, you will have the freedom to choose from three career paths: sponsored MBA, non-MBA leave (up to 24 months to pursue an advanced degree at a world-class university or a non-profit project), or a direct Junior Associate track (staying with the Firm and pursue direct track to Associate and onwards).

If your interest is to pursue MBA, you receive comprehensive support, from top references all the way to generous (full tuition) MBA sponsorship, to study at some of the best business schools in the world. This investment ensures success in future careers, wherever life can take you. Our preferred schools include Harvard, Columbia, INSEAD, London Business School, Kellogg, Stanford, and Wharton. Upon completion, you will be invited to return to McKinsey as Associates.

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Junior Associate

As a new-hire Junior Associate, you fill find out that you do not need a business degree to thrive here. Junior Associates will typically have limited business experience or have advanced professional degree, such as Ph.D. We need people with different skills and background to broaden the firm's capabilities and enrich our culture. If you have the intrinsic problem-solving and leadership skills, we will train you on the specifics so you will be well prepared for your transition into McKinsey. The primary focus of the program is to enable Junior Associates to develop business skills in a hands-on environment. Junior Associates typically play the same role as Associates, but with increased levels of support and additional training. With this support you will hit the ground running and be well on your path to becoming and Associate anywhere between 12-24 months after starting the program.

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We look for exceptional people established in a wide variety of fields and professions, such as finance, engineering, law, the military, and from industry. Associates will typically have significant business experience in industry and/or an M.B.A. As an Associate you will take an active role in all aspects of an engagement – identifying issues, forming hypotheses, planning and conducting interviews and analyses, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations, and helping to implement change. As you gain skills and confidence as an Associate, you will manage bigger pieces of the problem at hand. When you join our firm, you can build on your distinct expertise by specializing in a particular field of interest. Or, you can explore the range of opportunities a place of our global size and scale can offer. Our Associates are expected to start managing teams within two years. However, your career progress depends solely on your potential and demonstrated skills.

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Engagement Manager

Successful Associates become Engagement Managers. As an Engagement Manager, you will have responsibility for leading the problem-solving process and the day-to-day management of a project team. This involves coordinating all the team's activities and making sure the work remains on schedule.

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Associate Principal

After gaining some experience as an Engagement Manager, you may be designated an Associate Principal. In this role, you will work closely with clients in a broader context, discussing new projects and building relationships.

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The final stage in your career at McKinsey is election to partnership, first as a Principal, then as a Director. Election is based on performance in three areas: achieving success for your clients, being an excellent team player, and creating growth opportunities for younger colleagues. Partners have overall responsibility for the quality of your work and the relationship with our clients.

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