How we work

At McKinsey, you will never lack variety in your work, and you will constantly be challenged and stimulated to deliver your best. We never apply standard solutions or set formulas, and there is no such thing as “a typical assignment.” That said, all our work does share some important common characteristics.

Our projects

Our core values signify our complete dedication to the client. Before accepting an assignment, we must believe strongly that we can provide significant benefits and impact to the client and that there are no unscalable barriers to achieving these benefits. If at any time the client decides that the expected benefits are not likely to be achieved, he or she is free to terminate the engagement. Likewise, we want to be free to withdraw from an assignment should circumstances arise which, in our judgment, make the objectives unattainable.

Our teams

Most of our work is done in teams. We believe that teamwork is the most effective way of combining and leveraging the diverse backgrounds, knowledge and skills of our people. Teams normally include two McKinsey partners, a Project Manager, two or more Associates or Business Analysts, and, in some cases, an expert with deep industry or functional knowledge. Team members take responsibility for distinct pieces of the project, challenge one another’s thinking, and test the team’s recommendations in an open and honest atmosphere. At the beginning of each project, the team discusses individual schedules and work styles. During the project there are frequent feedback sessions that ensure that the project stays on track.

Our cooperation with clients

A project team is not just about McKinsey, it’s also about the client. Client team members form the core team with McKinsey consultants to share information and unique knowledge from the client side, in order to come up with joint, actionable solutions. Indeed, the work of a consultant is not done in a vacuum; our work is done with people, for people.