What makes us unique

Exceptional people all around

Our colleagues are smart, driven, and passionate about what they do. Having this in common our community includes analysts, engineers, economists, designers, architects, computer savvies, programmers and recent graduates from a full range of disciplines. In addition to this rich diversity of professional profiles, you will find yourself surrounded by singers and guitarists, marathon runners and mountain climbers, ballerinas and salsa dancers, chefs, bakers and even former professional tennis players!

Place where you can make a difference

A central part of our philosophy is to ensure talented people are quickly presented with opportunities and challenges that use and strengthen their skills and passions. From day one, you’ll contribute your knowledge, ideas and expertise … and you will see results. Being given the chances to express your opinion openly you will be active part of the team that makes the global impact.

Team-based collaborative environment

We truly believe that great people are even better together, and this is why teamwork and support are etched into our DNA. At whatever role you join us, you will see that everyone is a full-fledged member of the team and every voice is expected to be heard.

Constructive Feedback & Recognition

Giving and receiving feedback on regular basis is part of our culture. You will have peers and team leaders giving you feedback as well as you will be encouraged to offer your insights, experience, and help those around you too. Immediate, effective feedback will allow you to produce better results more quickly, making your work flow even more efficient and your career path steeper.

We are all mentors and mentees

We develop one another through coaching and mentoring. Development doesn’t only happen in training programs, it happens every day working alongside peers who are more experienced than you. At McKinsey, everyone is responsible for passing on their own expertise and sharing their knowledge.

Fast decision making process

Having flat organization structure we can achieve faster communication between employees and management that is usually more reliable and effective. Your input will be always appreciated by the management and taken into consideration. We are more flexible and adaptable than taller structures. That level of flexibility means decisions are made on an “as needed” basis, which makes it easier to serve our internal clients.